What is Short Track Matchplay?

The SHORT TRACK MATCHPLAY is a format based upon the classic al Matchplay. Two players play a match over 9 holes, the difference to the normal matchplay being, that a player cannot lead more than „2 up“ or trail more than „2 down“.

„We don´t want to reinvent golf all over – we want to make it more thrilling!“

Traditional 18 hole tournaments will always be the classic form of golf – but who can still afford that much time? Therefore it is no surprise that 9 hole tournaments are becoming more and more popular amongst all generations and even the golf federations and clubs are supporting the idea.

This is why we ask the question? - How can we elevate this popular “short-form” of golf with a thrilling, action packed and yet easy to understand tournament format? The SHORT TRACK MATCHPLAY idea was born!

A format that is easy to understand “Man against Man”, unconventional without complicated tournament entry procedures for Amateurs with a winning chance of 50% in every match – and all that with minimal time input.

The SHORT TRACK MATCHPLAY stands for a new, thrilling and passionate format which is less time consuming and is played by easy to understand rules!

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The special little something about Short Track Matchplay is, that the leading player can never lead a match by more then “2 up” regardless of how many holes he has actually won. This allows the trailing player to attack and chose a more aggressive game plan in order to catch up. The modus results in the suspense being kept up until at least the eigth hole and ensures some unique match situations. The dominating player has to be on guard all the way to the finish line, because favors can shift in a heartbeat.

The first annual matchplay in a league format! 4 to 10 players can participate in an STM League. The difference to the traditional year-round matchplay is that you do not exit the competition after a lost match, you simply do not get any points. Over the time of the league, everyone plays against everyone according to the Short Track Matchplay points system. Since the "2up" rule is also applied here, the earliest a match can be decided is on the eight hole.

Additional options for the STM League:

The "Play Off" version has the first 4 players of the league standings qualify for the "Play Offs" after all matches within the league have been played. The players then play a knock out format to determine who makes it to the German Final.

The "Rematch" format is especially designed for small leagues as an interesting alternative to allow more matches to be played. Throughout the course of the season, league opponents will match up twice in order to determine the winner of the league.

The point system:

Win hole 8 = 3 Points
Win hole 9 = 2 Points

In a tie, both players receive a point.

For those choosing to play net, we have integrated a "Matchcalculator" on the website for you to work out the amount of shots given by one player to the other. Simply enter the Handicaps of the two opponents and the calculation will be made using this formular: ¾ of the Handicap that has been divided by two

The highest HCP is 36.0. Players with a higher level of HCP starting with 36.0. The lowest HCP is 0. Players with a + HCP will enter 0.

After each match, the results is to be entered on the website. The League standings are comparable to those of a football league. If two or more players have the same amount of points the direct comparison amongst those players tied will determine, who comes out on top. If the direct comparison is also tied, the result against the next highest ranked in the league will decide. The same applies to the further placements in the standings.

A Short Track Matchplay League consists of 4 to 10 players. The participation fee is 40€ per Player and includes:

  • Use of the website www.stmplay.com
  • Game options "Play Off" and/or "Home an Away"
  • Complete online settlement, including game fixtures and the league standings
  • The winners of each leagues (2 in leagues of 8 to 10) will qualify for the Germany final at GC Bad Wörishofen
  • A minimum of 6 players will qualify for the World Final in Mauritius through the German qualifier
  • All participant will receive an STM Bag Tag
  • All participant gets a STM Polo by Jako
  • All participants will receive an gift voucher from PEARL GOLF

Fill in the Registration form at “Register league”. After you sent off the entry will be create your league online. As soon as the Admin has forwarded the payment for all players, the game fixtures will be released and all players will receive a Username and password. You can now start Short Tracking! Your starter packs will be sent to the leagues admin.

Payment details
Please include the following in the transfer:

Subject of payment: STMPLAY „League Name“ and „Name“
Recipient: Short Track Matchplay GmbH
IBAN: DE857035000000111599 51
Bank: KSK Garmisch-Partenkirchen

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