Terms & conditions


The following terms and conditions regulate the registration terms as well as the contract terms, these being the requirements fort the participation of all amateurs in the Short Track Matchplay Race to Heritage Resorts Mauritius 2017. Object of eligibility for the STM are several eligibility requirements within a Short Track league.

1. Format; Points system

1.1     Within a Short Track League, existing of 4 to 10 players, which can be made up randomly, matches will be played over 9 holes in the Short Track Matchplay format. Matches will be played amongst 2 players of a league, the difference to normal matchplay being, that a player cannot lead more than „2up“ or trail more them „2down“, this forcing a match to last for a minimum of 8 holes.

1.2      A win on the 8th hole rewards the winner with 3 points, a win on the 9th hole (regardless of 1 or 2 up) 2 points an in case of a tie after 9 holes each player will receive one point.

1.3      The league standings are made up, similar to football rankings, by the results from matches played

2. Contracting party; Eligibility

2.1      Short Track Matchplay is a new competition format for golfers. The competitors must be a member of a golf club, but not necessarily of one and the same golf club.

2.2      The contracting party to STMPLAY will solely be the person named administrator (point 3.2) to each league, who can also be a competitor in the league, but must not be one.

2.3      The other competitors of a Short Track league will not become contracting parties, they do acquire the right of activation under the requirements of points 3.3 and 3.4

3. Registration; Formation of contract

3.1     Registrations can be made by E-Mail, in exceptional cases a registration may be accepted by telephone.

3.2     Registration is made through the so called administrator, who will enter himself (Does not have to be a competitor, in which case he may enter 10 others) and a maximum of 9 other competitors for a Short Track league. The registration must include the name and a valid E-Mail address for every participant. The administrator is responsible for the completeness and correctness of all required registration information.

3.3     Every registration is binding. However, the contract will only come in affect once the participants have been provided a user name and password by STMPLAY. STMPLAY has the right to decline registrations without any further reasoning.

3.4     The activation of a Short Track league and the game plan, will follow only after payment of the entire leagues participation fee (point 4.1) has been made.

4. Participation fee

4.1      The participation fee is EUR 40,00 per person

4.2      Possible greenfee charges resulting in league matches played, are not included within the participation fee and need to be arranged and settled with the golf club on the participants own account.

4.3      The participation fee does not include expenses related to a participant qualifying for a country final, such as travel costs, costs on site or accommodation costs. These costs will need to be covered and organized be the participant on his own account.

4.4      The participation fee will be due with conclusion of contract and will be settled either individually by every participant or, as we would recommend by the administrator. The subject of transaction should be named „STMPLAY – Name of league“ and include Name and Surname as stated on the registration form and then submitted to the STMPLAY bank account as stated on the registration form.

4.5      After settlement of payment an electronical receipt will be delivered to the participants or the acting administrator. In case of a golf club registration the participants, the golf club will receive a proof of payment for the entered participants.

5. Services rendered by STMPLAY

5.1      The participation fee includes the provision of the Website  www.stmplay.com, the complete online handling including generating the game plane as well as running of the league standings, a Short Track Matchplay bag tag as well as inviting the winner of each league to participate in the country final.

5.2      The individual results of the matches are to be recorded by the players themselves or the responsible administrator at www.stmplay.com

5.3      A to be determined number of winners at the country finals, will qualify for the world final in Mauritius (See point 6.3). There is no right for appeal.

6. Completion of Matches; country final, world final

6.1      The holding of the individual league matches of a Short Track league takes place through the participants on golf courses belonging to one or a different number of golf clubs. The league matches are to be played between the beginning of the season and the 7th of September 2017 (Deadline date). It is within the participants own responsibility to ensure all matches in the league are completed to this date.

6.2      The country final will be played at a fixed date toward the end of September. The date will be announced later in the season.

6.3      The world final will be held in the first half on 2017 at the Heritage Resorts Mauritius. The to be determined number of winners of the country finals will gain 7 nights on a half board basis, including all green fees and tournament costs at the 5 star hotel „Heritage Le Telfair Golf & SPA Resort Mauritius“. Travelling costs to and from the venue are to be covered by the finalists themselves.

7. Cancellation of entry; Replacements

7.1     A complete refund of the participation fee due to a cancellation of entry is possible up to the playing of the first match. After this time, no refund of the participation fee will be granted, unless STMPLAY has saved applications, that could result in (partial) refund.

8. Code of conduct; Participation at one`s own risk

8.1      Playing their matches, the participants are liable to respecting the rules of golf as well as the golf etiquette implied by the governing golf body of the country in which Short Track Matchplay is being played. The same implies for the country final. The world final will be played to the rules and regulations of the R&A Limited and the local rules of the club played at.

8.2      The participation in the league matches is at one´s own risk. Within the country and world final the following liability rules apply as stated in points 8.3 to 8.5.

8.3      The liability of the STMPLAY for damage to property and financial damages which are not a result of the injury of life, body and health and for which the STMPLAY has not taken over any guarantees, is excluded towards the participant, until a roughly careless or deliberate duty injury of the STMPLAY, a legal representative or a fulfilment assistant is given and no essential contract duty which generally only may allow the fulfilment of the contract and on their observance a participant as a contracting partner trusts and trust (so called: Cardinal's duty), in particular the observance of basic traffic protection duties, was injured.

8.4      Nevertheless, the liability according to figure 8.3 is limited in case of the careless injury of an essential contract duty (cardinal's duty) after the height to the predictable, typically incoming damage

8.5      So far the liability of the STMPLAY according to figure 8.3 and 8.4 is excluded or is limited, this is also valid for the personal liability of the employees, employees, employees, representatives or fulfilment assistant of the STMPLAY.

9. Usage rights pictures and film footage

Picture admissions and photographs can be made during the country and world finals and used for publication and for advertising purposes. The administrator expressly agrees – also in the name of all people registered by him – that pictures taken of participants may be used for advertisement matters of the country and world final within printed media (media of the golf specialist publications, regional and national newspapers, tournament newspaper etc., on the Internet or for presentations on television. The administrator assures that he has informed the participants announced by him prior to registration about complete and precelled consent.


With registration and match participation the participant agrees with the treatment and processing of the personal data for the purposes of the contract processing, in particular of the payment processing as well as with the publication of the assigned user names as well as the respective points and league standings.

11. Miscellaneous

11.1    STMPLAY reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of participation at their dutiful judgement at any time. As far as these terms and conditions of participation concern purely organizational measures, this is also valid for retrospective changes and measures, provided that this is necessary in the interest of the proper execution of the Short track Matchplay.

 11.2    For all disputes from and in connection with contracts between the participant and STMPLAY the court at the place of business of STMPLAY is responsible, as far as legally allowed. On contracts between the participant and STMPLAY exclusively German right finds use.

11.3     Should one or several regulations of a contract become ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining regulations remain untouched.

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